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Commercial Disputes

Commercial Disputes

Commercial Litigation and Commercial Disputes

We work with a number of companies, helping to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Where this isn’t possible, we will persistently protect our client’s rights in litigation.

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Our Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services include:

  • Managing relationships with third parties – this includes suppliers, customers, advisers, and agents
  • Managing relationships between shareholders, directors, and employees – this includes breach on confidence, breach of duty and covenant issues
  • Protecting financial position – this includes banking arrangements, securities, guarantees and financial agreements

Our Commercial Dispute Solicitors regularly work with individuals, professionals, senior executives, and businesses of all sizes to manage their affairs and resolve any disputes quickly and cost effectively. We will take the time to understand your business and its goals, followed by ongoing assessments of risk areas and providing suggestions of how to avoid disputes.
The ideal scenario is for us to be involved as early as possible and resolve an issue before it escalates. If things do progress to litigation, then your legal costs will increase significantly and so with our early involvement, we will support you throughout the process and try to keep costs to a minimum.

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