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Neighbour and Land Disputes

Neighbour and Land Disputes

Neighbour Disputes and Land Disputes

Disputes with your neighbours can be extremely stressful and cause long-term issues and damage to a relationship. Our expert solicitors have a great deal of experience with all manner of neighbour disputes and land disputes, working to resolve them amicably and efficiently.

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Neighbour And Land Disputes

We can help with disputes of all kinds, including:

  • Boundaries
  • Noise
  • Trees and Hedges, including Japanese Knotweed issues
  • Fencing
  • Land & Right of Way
  • Parking
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Construction
  • Property maintenance
  • Animal behaviour i.e., barking dogs
  • Party Wall Act
  • Breach of covenant

Can I resolve a dispute with my neighbour myself?

We will always advise you to try and approach your neighbour to resolve the dispute amicably first. Some local authorities provide mediation services that can prove effective. If this does not resolve the dispute, a polite written request should follow. In any case, you should diarise all incidents and communications as these may be required later in court.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, or it is more complicated than a simple conversation, it is best to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Where will I find my property deeds?

If you have a mortgage, your lender may have kept these, or they would have been sent to you. If your Mortgage Lender does not have your Deeds, then perhaps they may be with previous Solicitors that you have used or even Accountants. Please rest assured that most Deeds are now online and as such if you cannot find these documents then we can apply to the Land Registry to get copies of the Conveyancing Deeds.

Once you have your deeds please keep them in a safe place as they are crucial in a dispute.

If you are a client of the firm, then we are more than happy to store your property deeds in our fireproof safe at no additional cost.

What is the Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall Act details a procedure that must be followed if you are doing any of the following:

  • Working on a wall or floor shared with another property.
  • Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property.
  • Excavating works close to a neighbouring property.

In order to protect your work and position, certain notices must be served to your neighbours. The Act allows all parties to appoint impartial surveyors, who will record the initial condition of the building/s and agreed timetable and access during the works.

My neighbour is carrying out work that’s causing damage to my property, what do I do?

In an urgent situation, you can call the police for assistance, but the best option is to quickly seek legal advice with a view to obtaining a court order (injunction) to stop the work.

My neighbour had been abusive and threatening, what can I do?

If your neighbour’s behaviour amounts to harassment, or the threats are serious, contact the police for advice. Remember to keep a detailed record of all incidents as these may be required later.

My neighbour replaced the fence between us, but now its encroaching on my land. How do I get this resolved?

You should always try and discuss with your neighbour directly any issues that you have before involving solicitors.  If you are unable to resolve this yourself.  The best way to resolve this is to involve an expert who will study the Title Deeds for both properties and advise where the boundary is and where the fence should be. It is always possible that the original fence was not on the correct boundary line. Once this is determined, we can work with you to negotiate with your neighbour to try and avoid litigation.

My neighbour’s new fence is ugly and so tall that it blocks light from our garden. What can I do?

In this case, it’s best to seek legal advice. We will determine if the new fence breaches any local or planning regulations, or a previous agreement that binds both landowners. We can then help you to negotiate with your neighbour to try and avoid litigation.

My neighbour’s hedge has grown so tall it blocks the light from my garden, can I cut it?

Firstly, we would not recommend cutting your neighbour’s hedge/bush without first gaining their agreement. Doing so, could cause unnecessary conflict.

Unfortunately, there is no law that specifically gives you the right to a view from your home. However, there are options to resolve this issue if the hedge or trees are interfering with your light or view. We can advise on these options to help you reach an amicable conclusion.

How we can help

Whatever the type of dispute you have your neighbour, our neighbour dispute lawyers are here to help and support you through the whole process, including and any legal proceedings you may wish to take. We will always advise to try and resolve these amicably, but if you have tried this and been unsuccessful, we are happy to help resolve the issues for you.

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