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Debt Recovery and Enforcement

Debt Recovery and Enforcement

Debt Recovery Solicitors

Unpaid debts can have a significant impact on both personal finances and those of a business, creating stress and uncertainty. We are expert Debt Recovery Solicitors, handling all types of Debt Recovery cases and achieving results quickly and efficiently.

What is the Debt Recovery process?

The Debt Recovery process depends on each individual situation, but generally the stages are as follows:

  1. Send a Pre-Action Letter of Claim – We will send this letter to the debtor on your behalf, informing them of the amount they owe, how and when to make payment and the consequences if payment is not made
  2. Issue Court Proceedings – If the above letter receives no response, we will issue Court proceedings against the debtor
  3. Obtain a County Court Judgement (CCJ) – this legally binding document sets out how the debt should be repaid and when by

In the majority of cases, a Debt Recovery letter from a solicitor is enough to encourage payment, and we can provide a simple, straightforward service to do this.

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