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Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Legal advice for Landlord Disputes and Tenant Disputes

Landlord Disputes and Tenant Disputes can be stressful, time-consuming and in some cases, expensive. We can advise both private and commercial landlords and tenants on all aspects of disputes and act on your behalf as necessary.

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The most common causes of disputes include:

  • Non-payment of rent – this is a common dispute and should be addressed early. It is also often used as a tactic to push the landlord to complete requested repairs
  • Damage to property – Reasonable wear and tear should be expected, but when things are broken or damaged, this can cause a dispute over whether it is actual wear and tear or misuse by the tenant
  • Property repairs – Faulty heating, electricity problems and leaks all have to be addressed by the landlord in a timely manner
  • Sub-letting – Particularly in the case of commercial lets, some companies sub-let a property to save costs or when downsizing. This can cause conflict with the landlord
  • Break clauses – If a tenant wishes to leave a property early, they must comply with the break clause within the contract. A landlord might use any error in this process to refuse the tenant to leave, followed by progression to litigation
  • Dilapidations – This is a common dispute. Tenants must return a property to its original condition before leaving. If this does not happen, the landlord can charge the tenant for the cost of repairs and in some cases, for the additional cost of lost rent if these repairs have delayed a new tenant moving in.
  • Service charges – These often cause disagreements, especially in commercial retail properties where the charges can be very high
  • Lease Assignment – It can be problematic if a tenant wishes to leave and pass their lease to someone else, especially if the landlord believes the new tenant is not as financially robust as the original one

How we can help

We understand that both tenants and landlords are not only financially invested but emotionally invested into a property. Tenants can feel their home or business is not to standard and landlords may feel that their property and investment is at risk.

When issues arise, you need experienced tenant and landlord dispute solicitors that can resolve things quickly and amicably. We will always work to resolve matters through negotiation and mediation, with court action as a last report. If litigation cannot be avoided, we will act quickly and issue court proceedings at very short notice if necessary.

We work with both tenants and landlords, for commercial and residential properties.

With regards to residential property, we can help with the following:

  • Rent arrears
  • Service charge disputes
  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • Notices to quit
  • Possession claims
  • Forfeiture claims

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