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Court of Protection

Court of Protection

Court of Protection Solicitors

Sadly, not all of our clients are able to make the important decisions that are sometimes required in day to day life. In these circumstances, our Court of Protection Solicitors can help family and loved ones act in their best interests.

The Court of Protection is able to appoint a Deputy for a person without capacity to make decisions on financial or welfare matters on their behalf. It can also make specific decisions itself relating to the care, health or finances of the individual and in emergencies when needed.

Also, the Court of Protection will consider applications for statutory Wills and gifts and resolve disputes between those involved with a person’s care.

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How we can help:

This is a complex area of the law and our specialist Court of Protection or Deputyship Solicitors, are experienced in all matters relating to the Court of Protection and can help with several situations:

  • If you are responsible for someone else’s affairs
  • If you are concerned about someone’s ability to manage your affairs
  • If you are concerned about the ability of someone to manage another’s affairs
  • If there is a dispute about someone’s ability to make their own decisions
  • If there is a dispute about the care or medical treatment that is in someone’s best interests
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