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A Will ensures that when you die, your estate is managed by the person that you choose, and your assets are given to those that you wish to provide for. Without a Will, your estate will be divided and distributed in accordance with Intestacy Rules which may mean your family or loved ones do not receive what you wanted them to.

A Will also makes it easier for your loved ones to sort everything out after you die, reducing the amount of stress at an already difficult time.

You can also use a Will to tell people about any other wishes that you have, for example, instructions for your funeral and cremation or burial.

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Our local Will Writing Solicitors can help you with the following activities:

  • Ensure that those you have nominated to inherit your assets on your death actually receive them
  • Nominate Executors of your choice to deal with the distribution of your estate in the certain knowledge that they will comply with your wishes
  • Nominate preferred guardians of your children to avoid disagreements or family upsets
  • Make small personal gifts
  • Take advantage of tax-saving strategies
  • Ensure the continuation of a family business
  • Explain why a possible Beneficiary is being excluded
  • Set up Trusts and make gifts to charity

What happens if I do not make a Will?

If you die without leaving a Will, the law decides who gets what, regardless of your relationship with people when you were alive. Dying without a Will is called Intestacy or dying intestate.

Common outcomes if you die without a Will include:

  • If you are not married or in a civil partnership, your partner is not legally entitled to anything
  • If you are married, your spouse might inherit all of your estate, with nothing going to your children. This can also happen if you are separated but not yet divorced
  • Depending on where in the UK you live, how much your children or grandchildren are entitled to changes. With a Will, you can control this.
  • Without a Will, the amount of Inheritance Tax due could be more than anticipated
  • If you die without close relatives, your estate will belong to the government, under a law called Bona Vacantia

How do I make a Will?

If you have a small family, then making a Will is relatively straightforward. If you have a second family or would like to leave assets and gifts to several people, this will need to be carefully planned. Either way, do not worry, we can help you to arrange your Will.

We will arrange either a face to face meeting, telephone or video call to discuss your estate and how you would like it to be divided after you die. Depending on the level of simplicity, we can then either write the Will straightaway or arrange another meeting for further planning.

Before the initial meeting, think about what you would like to leave to whom and who you would like to be your Executor. Also, consider talking to your family as they may have other suggestions. Having a plan ready makes the process much simpler.

What is the cost of making a Will with a solicitor?

The cost of writing a Will depends a lot on how complicated your wishes are, but to give a guideline:

  • A simple Will costs from £250 plus VAT
  • A complex Will costs from £500 plus VAT
  • A specialist Will will be charged at our usual hourly rate appropriate to the solicitor drafting your Will

What is the benefit of using a Solicitor Will Writing Service?

Having your Will written by a solicitor ensures that it is watertight and will give you the most peace of mind, especially if your affairs are complex.

The main reason to choose a Solicitor Will Writing Service are:

  • If you have a complicated family situation, with former partners, estranged children, second families etc
  • If you want to protect the interests of someone after you are gone, i.e., a disabled family member
  • If your estate is more than £325,000 and will be required to pay Inheritance Tax
  • If you would like to discuss your situation and options before writing a Will

Can you store my Will?

Yes, we can, and this is included as part of our service at no additional cost.

We have a specialist storage facility that will ensure your Will is protected from theft, fire or water damage, but can also be accessed easily in the event of your death.

If you have started to think about your Will and what happens to your estate after you die, get in touch with us. We will answer any questions that you have and help you through the process.

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