Medical Negligence Solicitors

Medical Negligence Solicitors

Medical Negligence SolicitorsAll medical professionals owe a duty of care to their patients. They must act with a reasonable level of care and skill, and the standard of care they provide must be at least equal to that expected from a competent person in their position. If a medical professional breaches their duty of care, they may be liable for medical negligence. Medical negligence claims can be complex and arduous and often involve delicate subject matter. Our medical negligence solicitors in Great Yarmouth and Norwich provide specialist medical negligence advice clearly, concisely and with the appropriate sensitivity.

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What Constitutes Medical Negligence?

To prove negligence, you must be able to show that –

1. The Other Party Owed You A Duty Of Care

Medical professionals are under a duty to take reasonable care when carrying out tasks such as investigating symptoms, performing the appropriate diagnostic tests, making a diagnosis and carrying out any treatment or surgery. In short, they are obliged to ensure they take all reasonable steps to safeguard their patients’ health.

Sometimes, people who are not medically qualified but work in a clinical environment – receptionists, for example – can also be subject to a legal duty of care.

2. They Breached Their Duty

The benchmark against which a practitioner’s conduct will be judged is that of a reasonably competent body of professionals performing the same role. Proving breach usually requires extensive expert evidence from other medical professionals attesting to how they would have acted in the defendant’s situation. The test is objective; a newly qualified doctor, for example, will be judged by the same standard as an experienced one.

3. You Suffered Loss Or Damage

The loss or damage in medical negligence cases is often obvious. The practitioner’s actions may have led to a condition that was not present previously or worsened an existing one. You may be unable to work and face a loss of earnings. Your condition may necessitate specialist medical equipment, or you may need to carry out home alterations to accommodate any additional needs occasioned by the practitioner’s actions.

4. The Loss Or Damage Was A Reasonably Foreseeable Consequence Of The Breach

To bring a successful medical negligence claim, you need to prove that the loss or damage would not have occurred without the practitioner’s actions, or that those actions at least materially contributed to it. If the harm would have occurred anyway, your claim is likely to fail.

What Level Of Damages Can You Expect To Recover?

The scope of medical negligence law is vast, covering almost every type of physical and mental injury and a wide range of potentially negligent actions. Each case is unique, and the damages awarded will be bespoke to the circumstances. Some damages, such as loss of earnings, may be readily quantifiable. Others will depend on the nature and severity of the harm caused and its impact and are a matter for the Court’s discretion. It is, therefore, impossible to predict with certainty the level of compensation that a Judge will award. However, once our medical negligence solicitors have had an opportunity to consider the facts of your case, their experience may enable them to provide a ballpark estimate or at least a range of damages. This may change as your case proceeds, and they will update you on the likely level of compensation throughout the matter.

Why Choose Our Great Yarmouth And Norwich Medical Negligence Solicitors?

Medical negligence is a complicated, specialist area of legal practice. The documentation involved is usually technical, the most important being a patient’s medical records. Our medical negligence solicitors are not only familiar with the relevant law and processes but also have an understanding of medical conditions and procedures.

Medical negligence cases often involve vast amounts of evidence. Judges are not medical professionals, so whilst they have extensive experience in medical negligence law, they rely on the evidence of expert medical witnesses when deciding whether the requirements of a claim are met. Our medical negligence solicitors are adept at identifying the evidence required to prove a case and instructing the appropriate experts.

Our specialist medical negligence solicitors have considerable experience acting for clients in Great Yarmouth, Norwich and around the country and will ensure that your case is presented in the best possible way. They will assess the nature of your injury and the practitioner’s actions, and advise on the merits of your claim. They will gather all relevant witness and expert evidence and ensure that your case is presented in an organised, timely manner to give you the best chance of success.

Our medical negligence solicitors view litigation as a last resort and will always seek to avoid the time and costs of a trial wherever possible. This may be through settlement discussions with the other side, or proven dispute resolution methods, such as Mediation. They understand that clients with medical negligence claims have often suffered trauma, and so approach every case with care and compassion. They will not confuse you with legal jargon but instead ensure you understand the process and are kept fully informed of developments.

How Much Do Medical Negligence Solicitors In Norwich And Great Yarmouth Cost?

The legal costs involved in medical negligence claims depend on the complexity of the case and the issues involved. Our medical negligence solicitors are often able to act on a no-win, no-fee basis in medical negligence cases. Under a no-win, no-fee agreement, you are not liable to pay your solicitor’s fees if you lose your case. If you win, the other side will usually be ordered to pay your costs. Our medical negligence solicitors will comprehensively explain how no-win, no-fee arrangements work, along with all other funding options.

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