Works Not Complete

Deciding to embark on a home improvement project is a big decision and can be expensive. For most homeowners, though, the short-term stress of having tradespeople take over your home is often a small price … Read more

Possession Claims

As a landlord, there are various valid reasons why you might want to recover possession of your property from your tenant. However, following the proper legal procedures is crucial. If you deviate from them, you … Read more

Sue My Builder

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Defective Works

Defective works can severely derail home improvement plans or construction projects. They can leave you facing considerable financial losses and having to pay out for alternative tradespeople to undertake expensive remedial work. Minimising the damage … Read more

Possession Claim Against Trespassers

Trespassers, commonly known as ‘squatters’, can be a land or property owner’s worst nightmare. They can cause damage, pose a significant security risk, and may inhibit your ability to use your land or property. Our … Read more

Solicitor Landlord And Tenant

Our solicitors for landlord and tenant matters specialise in giving expert legal advice to landlords and tenants facing issues arising from property rentals, both commercial and residential. Their detailed understanding of the legal framework governing … Read more