Building Dispute Solicitors

Building Dispute SolicitorsUndertaking building works on your home or investing in commercial property development can be a significant and often expensive commitment. Few of us possess the skills required to carry out the work ourselves and so we entrust it to professionals, the majority of whom will get the job done quickly and properly. Unfortunately, however, your chosen ‘professionals’ can occasionally turn out to be so-called ‘cowboy builders’. Their work might be defective or unfinished, their conduct might have caused considerable delays, and you may be left facing significant financial losses and expensive remedial work. Our building dispute solicitors have extensive experience advising both homeowners and property developers dealing with such problems. They will act decisively to address the issues and seek a swift resolution, which may involve forcing the builders to complete the works in a timely manner, ensuring any defects are remedied and seeking recourse for any financial losses you have incurred.

Our solicitors specialise in building disputes from our offices in Norwich and Great Yarmouth.
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The types of issues our building dispute solicitors regularly deal with

The issues which can arise in a building dispute are wide and varied. Our building disputes deal with every aspect of building disputes, including:

  • Defective building works;
  • Failure to complete the building works in line with the specifications;
  • Errors in design;
  • Use of defective materials;
  • Failure to follow the applicable regulations relating to planning or building control;
  • Delays;
  • Disputes regarding payment

It is crucial to instruct an experienced building dispute solicitor as soon as it becomes apparent that an issue is incapable of amicable resolution between you and the tradesman. Timely legal advice will ensure your position is properly protected and prevent further delays and losses if the project is ongoing. If the project is completed, seeking prompt legal assistance will ensure the matter is resolved swiftly and allow you to begin enjoying the property or profiting from your investment.

How Our Building Dispute Solicitors Can Assist You

Our building dispute solicitors will assess the merit of your position and advise on the options available to achieve the desired outcome. Their experience enables them to give practical, as well as legal advice, aimed at resolving the matter in the quickest, most cost-effective way. They are expert problem solvers and, if there is a real-world solution to your issue, they will identify and utilise it to avoid you having to pursue a legal case.

If a practical solution is not forthcoming and a legal case unavoidable, our building dispute solicitors will seek a resolution without the Court’s involvement wherever possible. They are mindful of the time and expense inherent in litigation, viewing it as very much a last resort. They may send a formal letter to the other side putting them on notice of your intention to pursue a claim, before entering into negotiations with a view to achieving an early settlement. Sometimes, they might suggest the parties enter into proven alternative dispute resolution methods, such as Mediation and Arbitration, which are often quicker, cheaper and less stressful than litigation.

Where your case cannot be settled without a Court hearing, our solicitors will build the strongest possible case to present to the Judge. They may instruct the services of professionals such as surveyors and other construction specialists to act as expert witnesses on your behalf and will identify and collate all documentary evidence and witness testimony in support of your position.

To assist your building dispute solicitor, it is important that you retain any evidence which may help your case. The types of evidence which can be useful include:

  • The contract between you and the builders, if there is one;
  • Details of the specifications agreed upon and timescales;
  • A diary of the works with details of the times and dates on which the builders attended the property;
  • Details of any conversations with the builders regarding the works. If the conversations were in writing – by email or text message, for example – you should obtain copies of those communications and preserve them. If any further discussions take place, make contemporaneous notes of them, and follow up in writing wherever possible.
  • Copies of all invoices rendered by the builders and details of all payments made to them.

Building disputes are often highly complex and hard fought. They can fall within the remit of contract law, statutory regulation, negligence or a combination thereof. Our building disputes solicitors have broad experience in all relevant practice areas and will work tirelessly to achieve your desired outcome.

How Much Do Building Dispute Solicitors Near Me Cost?

Our building dispute solicitors understand that being let down by construction professionals can be incredibly disappointing and stressful. Emotions often run high on both sides and our solicitors are mindful that this can, on occasion, lead to an escalation of costs disproportionate to the issues involved. They seek to avoid this by providing concise, straightforward advice aimed at achieving the best possible outcome in the quickest, most cost-effective way. They will keep you updated on fees as the matter progresses and provide regular costs estimates, updates and breakdowns.

Most construction professionals have insurance to cover disputes, making it easier for you to recover damages and costs. You may also have an insurance policy to assist you with legal expenses, and your building dispute solicitor will advise you of the effects of any such policy.

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