Building Dispute Lawyers

Building Dispute LawyersBuilding dispute lawyers specialise in assisting homeowners and property developers facing disagreements with builders or other tradespeople. The dispute might relate to issues including defective or unfinished work, project delays or a failure to adhere to planning regulations. Our specialist building dispute team has years of experience in the area and has assisted many clients in resolving their issues, with excellent results.

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When Should I Seek Help From A Building Dispute Lawyer?

You should always try to settle the issues with the other party directly, without involving building dispute lawyers if you can. Sometimes, though, the parties’ views are such that reaching an amicable compromise is unlikely, and the involvement of third parties is unavoidable. In these cases, it important to seek legal advice from an experienced building dispute lawyer as soon as possible. Timely legal assistance will ensure your position is fully protected, prevent ongoing delays and stem any financial loss.

What Issues Do Building Dispute Lawyers Deal With?

The problems which can lead to building disputes are wide and varied. Examples of the most common types of issues include:

  • The work is defective, unsatisfactory or not fit for purpose.
  • The tradesperson has failed to complete the work in line with the agreed specifications, or at all.
  • The materials used are defective or not fit for purpose.
  • Excessive delays.
  • The tradesperson has carried out works outside of the agreed scope.
  • Payment disputes.
  • Design errors.
  • The tradesperson has failed to adhere to any applicable planning or building control regulations.

Whatever your issue, our building dispute lawyers will take all action required to remedy it and achieve your desired outcome. This may include taking steps to ensure the work is completed properly and promptly, and simultaneously pursuing the tradesperson for any financial losses resulting from their actions.

How Can Building Disputes Be Resolved?

Our building dispute lawyers always aim to resolve building disputes in the quickest, most cost-effective way. Their extensive expertise and experience often enable them to identify a practical solution to the issues, negating the need for the ongoing involvement of legal representatives. Litigation is always a last resort, and even if a practical solution is not forthcoming, there are many alternatives which tend to be quicker, cheaper and less stressful than Court proceedings. They include:


Nobody wants to become embroiled in a legal dispute, so the involvement of building dispute lawyers can often be enough to encourage a constructive dialogue between the parties. Most matters begin with a detailed letter of claim sent to the other side, setting out your position and the action required to remedy the issues. Your building dispute lawyer will then enter into negotiations with the other party or their legal representative with a view to achieving your objectives quickly and with the minimum cost.


Mediation is a form of dispute resolution whereby an independent, impartial third party known as a Mediator helps the parties to settle their issues. Mediation offers a relatively quick, flexible method of resolving disputes and is cheaper and usually less stressful than litigation.


Unlike Mediation, Arbitration results in a determination of the issues by an independent third party, the Arbitrator. The Arbitrator’s decision is binding on the parties in the same way a Court Judgment would be. Arbitration differs from litigation in some material respects though; the parties can choose the Arbitrator and decide when and where the hearing will be held, for example. Many clients find Arbitration a less stressful experience than litigation.

Sometimes, the circumstances of a case or the outlook of the parties are such that litigation is unavoidable. If your matter proceeds to Court, our expert building dispute lawyers will work closely with you to build the strongest possible case to present to the trial Judge and support you throughout the process.

How Much Do Building Dispute Lawyers Cost?

The legal costs of a building dispute depend entirely on the issues involved and the resolution method required to settle them. In all cases, our building dispute lawyers strive to keep costs to a minimum. They understand that the nature of building disputes means they can be extremely hard fought, leading to costs that are disproportionate to the issues involved. They work hard to focus the parties’ minds, encourage settlement and avoid escalating costs. Our firm policy is to be open and transparent when it comes to billing, and we will ensure you fully understand our billing processes from the outset of your matter. We will keep you updated on costs with regular estimates and breakdowns and answer any queries you may have swiftly and comprehensively. Many building and construction professionals have insurance policies to cover legal disputes, making it easier to recover damages and costs from them.

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