Landlord And Tenant Dispute Solicitors Near Me


If you are looking for ‘landlord and tenant dispute solicitors near me’, it is safe to assume that you have a property-related issue with which you require expert legal assistance from a landlord and tenant dispute solicitor. Our Norwich-based solicitors are specialists in the field, having amassed years of experience in helping both landlords and tenants resolve issues in respect of commercial and residential property. They provide clear, straightforward advice and will strive to resolve any issue swiftly and in the least acrimonious way.

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What Issues Can A Landlord And Tenant Dispute Solicitor Assist With?

Our specialist landlord and tenant dispute solicitors regularly advise on all aspects of landlord and tenant disputes. Some of the most common issues they deal with include –

  • Rent arrears – this issue regularly arises in respect of both commercial and residential properties. Early action is required to avoid the issue escalating and the sums involved becoming excessive.
  • Subletting – both residential and commercial tenants can turn to subletting as a means to pay the rent. This may not only be a breach of the tenancy agreement for which a landlord can take legal action but can negate some insurance policies.
  • Dilapidations – disputes regularly arise at the end of a tenancy over the condition of the property. If a tenant has failed to return the property to its original state, they may be liable to the landlord for the cost of repairs. In some circumstances, they may also need to make good any loss incurred by the landlord if the issues cause a delay in the landlord reletting the premises.
  • Property damage- what a tenant may perceive as regular wear and tear, a landlord may see as damage. Such disputes need to be addressed as quickly and amicably as possible to avoid tensions mounting and the issue becoming unnecessarily contentious.
  • Service charge disputes- one of the most common disputes between landlords and tenants arises in the context of service charges. Service charges are used by landlords to maintain essential facilities such as lifts, gardens and central heating. Service charges are usually dealt with in the Tenancy Agreement and are also subject to statutory control. Tenants who feel that the service charge being claimed by their landlord is excessive and unjustified may dispute it on the grounds of unreasonableness.
  • Property repairs – a property in disrepair can significantly impact living conditions or, in the case of commercial premises, business efficiency. A landlord’s responsibility for repairs is ordinarily set out in the Tenancy Agreement, which will always be the first port of call in the event of a dispute. They also have statutory obligations, which can be called upon to persuade a landlord to carry out the required repairs.

Some of the other issues with which our landlord and tenant dispute solicitors can assist include Tenancy Deposit Schemes, Possession Claims, Forfeiture Claims, Lease Assignments and Break Clauses.

What Should I Look For In A Landlord And Tenant Dispute Solicitor Near Me?

Landlord and tenant disputes can be stressful and emotive, with both parties heavily invested in the property on both a financial and personal level. Tenants may feel aggrieved that the premises are not up to the required standard, whilst landlords may be under considerable financial strain due to non-payment of rent. Our solicitors have a deep understanding of the parties’ competing interests and concerns. They deal with issues expeditiously and effectively, avoiding the involvement of the Court wherever possible. They will use negotiation or proven alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration to achieve a result which is favourable to you quickly and cost-effectively.

If a matter proves incapable of resolution through alternative means and proceeds to litigation, our solicitors will work tirelessly to prepare and present your case in the best possible way. They have detailed knowledge of landlord and tenant litigation procedures and will act decisively, at short notice if necessary, to protect your position.

Our solicitors’ expertise, however, extends beyond the law. They are expert problem solvers and their years of experience in the property sector enable them to approach issues from both a legal and practical standpoint. If there is a sensible, commercial solution to a problem which does not rely on legal remedies, they will identify it and often use it as the first port of call in a bid to minimise the time and costs spent on a matter.

Where Can I Find A Landlord And Tenant Dispute Solicitor Mear Me?

Our specialist landlord and tenant dispute solicitors advise landlords and tenants in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Norwich and further afield. Praised for their ‘first-class knowledge’ and ‘client care’, they couple outstanding legal expertise with a personal touch.

How Much Will A Landlord And Tenant Dispute Solicitor Near Me Charge?

The costs of a dispute will depend entirely on its individual circumstances and complexity. Our solicitors understand that worry over legal costs can exacerbate stress levels in what is already a difficult situation. They aim to provide the highest levels of service in the most cost-effective way. Their billing methods are entirely transparent; you will be given ongoing fee estimates and regularly updated on the level of fees incurred. Any queries you may have regarding fees will be addressed promptly and comprehensively.

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