Great Yarmouth Solicitors

Great Yarmouth SolicitorsWe are a boutique firm of Great Yarmouth Solicitors with offices also in Norwich. Our policy is to couple outstanding legal advice with a personal touch. We work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for our clients, whatever their requirements, and are proud to have received feedback from clients praising our ‘perfect’ and ‘faultless’ solicitors.

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Great Yarmouth Office Address: 31 Market Row, Great Yarmouth NR30 1PB

What Legal Services Do Our Solicitors In Great Yarmouth Provide?

Our Great Yarmouth solicitors provide a wide range of legal services to both private and commercial clients.

Just a few examples of our solicitors’ areas of expertise are –

Wills And Probate

Our solicitors have experience in all aspects of wills and probate law and procedures. We are experts in drafting wills and regularly advise clients on the effects of a will or the impact of probate. We have vast experience in dealing with contested probate matters and other estate-related issues such as inheritance and tax planning. We understand that wills and probate clients can often be going through a difficult time, and strive to give our advice in a concise, empathetic way.

Business Legal Support

Our solicitors provide legal support to businesses of all sizes. They regularly prepare and advise on general commercial contracts, terms and conditions and contracts of employment as well as providing ad hoc legal assistance.

Litigation And Dispute Resolution

Our solicitors’ experience in litigation and dispute resolution covers a wide range of areas including contentious probate, general commercial disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, professional negligence and employment issues.

Our extensive experience enables us to assist clients on both a legal and practical level. We are adept at identifying and advising on any practical solutions which may assist in bringing your matter to a swift conclusion. Where legal intervention is required, we aim to avoid litigation whenever possible, seeking to use negotiation and proven dispute resolution methods to achieve a favourable outcome in the most cost-effective and least acrimonious manner. If litigation becomes necessary, we will guide you through the Court processes and procedures, and ensure your case is presented in the best way possible.

Debt Collection

Our specialist debt collection solicitors are experts in identifying the quickest, most cost-effective method to collect any money owed to you. We will use every available means to ensure all sums are repaid quickly, including any interest.

Court Of Protection

Our Court of Protection solicitors are specialists in this complex area of law and strive to provide top-quality legal advice with compassion and understanding. We regularly support those who have been given the responsibility of managing a loved one’s affairs, as well as assisting clients who have concerns over how the handling of their affairs.

Personal Injury And Clinical Negligence

If you have suffered injury as a result of either an accident that was not your fault or the mistakes of medical professionals, you may be able to claim damages for personal injury or clinical negligence. Our expert solicitors will thoroughly assess your case and advise on its merits and likely level of damages. If you decide to pursue your claim, we will work with you to collate all relevant evidence and ensure any damages award adequately compensates you for your pain and suffering, loss of earnings, ongoing medical costs and other expenses.

What Can You Expect From Our Great Yarmouth Solicitors?

We have an excellent track record of achieving the best possible results for our clients. From the outset of a matter, we will meet with you and work hard to fully understand your priorities and areas of concern and give targeted, bespoke advice. We will never confuse you with legal jargon but rather seek to make sure you are fully aware of all issues and procedures relevant to your matter and guide and support you through the process.

How Much Do Our Solicitors In Great Yarmouth Cost?

The costs of a matter will vary depending on the complexity of the issues, the time spent resolving them and whether the Court’s involvement is required. However, our policy in respect of billing is the same whatever the practice area or issue – we will always be open, transparent and as flexible as possible when it comes to fees.

Some of our practice areas, such as probate, may lend themselves to a fixed fee arrangement. We may also be able to offer some services on a monthly retainer. Often, charging on an hourly basis is the most suitable method of billing. In these cases, we will ensure your legal work is carried out swiftly and efficiently so that costs are kept to a minimum, and we will always seek to find the most cost-effective way to achieve your goals.

Please call us now on 01603 672222 for a no-obligation conversation today or Click Here To Make An Online Enquiry.