Probate Specialist Near Me

Probate Specialist Near MeIf you are searching for a ‘probate specialist near me’, it is safe to assume that you have recently lost a loved one and have been charged with administering their Estate and finalising their affairs. Our probate specialists understand that this can be an incredibly challenging time and strive to do all they can to lessen the burden of the legal aspects of your bereavement. They provide clear, concise advice with empathy and compassion, and will ensure all probate matters are dealt with as expeditiously as possible.

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What Should I Look For When Choosing A Probate Specialist Near Me?

You are not obliged to take legal advice when dealing with probate. However, the period following the death of a loved one is often fraught with emotion and the probate process can seem arduous and overwhelming, intensifying the strain caused by your loss. As a result, many Executors and Administrators elect to seek assistance from a probate specialist when obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, and administering an Estate.

If you feel that you would benefit from the support of a probate specialist, we are here to help. We understand that most clients require not only first-class legal advice but, also, genuine support and understanding. Our specialist probate team couple their legal expertise with a human touch and are proud to have received feedback from valued clients noting their ’brilliant service’ ‘empathy’ and ‘faultless client care.’ They will never complicate matters with legal jargon but instead explain everything in clear English, making sure you understand every stage of the probate procedure.

What Tasks Can A Probate Specialist Near Me Undertake?

Our probate team provide a comprehensive probate service. Their deep understanding of probate law and years of experience enables them to give timely, cost-effective advice. Your own dedicated probate specialist will handle your matter from the initial meeting through to completion, guiding you through the process every step of the way.

Some of the issues our probate solicitors routinely help clients with include:

  • Reviewing the Will and identifying the Executors.
  • Advising on who will be eligible to administer the Estate in the absence of a Will.
  • Identifying all beneficiaries under the Will or under inheritance laws.
  • Locating all beneficiaries.
  • Completing and submitting the required inheritance tax documentation to HMRC.
  • Liaising with HMRC on your behalf as required.
  • Completing the appropriate probate application, ensuring the inclusion of all relevant supporting documentation.
  • Advising on your legal duties as Executor or Administrator, and the action required to fulfil them.
  • Realising and collecting all of the Estate’s assets and distributing them to the beneficiaries.

Some Executors and Administrators feel comfortable administering the Estate themselves but require support in the initial stages of probate to ensure the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration are issued as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

To assist those clients, we are pleased to offer a ‘Grant Only’ service, pursuant to which we collate and submit all paperwork required to obtain the Grant. By ensuring the application is completed accurately, we aim to minimise the chances of it being stopped by the Court and delayed. Once the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration have been received, you will then be responsible for administering the Estate in accordance with the terms of the Will or inheritance laws.

How Much Does A Probate Specialist Near Me Charge?

We aim to give certainty on the costs you can expect to incur by basing our fees on the value of the Estate where possible. In such cases, we charge 1.5% plus VAT of the Estate’s gross value, subject to a minimum fee of £1,500 plus VAT.

In addition to our fees, you will be liable for any disbursements that fall due. Disbursements are payments made to third parties and might include, for example, estate agents’ fees, inheritance tax and the probate application fee. Our probate solicitors will notify you of any disbursements as they arise.

The fees payable for our Grant Only service depend on the inheritance tax position. In general, the costs will be between £950 and £2,000 plus VAT.

How Much Does A Probate Specialist Near Me Charge For Complex Estates?

Sometimes, an Estate raises issues that require additional time and resources to resolve. Those issues might be borne from somebody disputing the validity of the Will, Estate assets being situated abroad, and claims being made against the Estate, amongst other scenarios.

In these cases, the additional work undertaken will be charged at your probate specialist’s hourly rate. Our billing practices are open and transparent, and your probate solicitor will ensure you fully understand them from the outset. You will be kept appraised of all work being undertaken on your behalf and given regular costs estimates, updates and breakdowns.

Whatever level of support you require, and no matter how complex the Estate, our probate specialists are on hand to provide all the help and guidance you need at a competitive rate.

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