Land Dispute Solicitors

Land Dispute SolicitorsFor many of us, the property we own is our most valuable asset, so when disputes arise in connection with it, they can be hard-fought and highly stressful. Our land dispute solicitors understand the importance of dealing with land and neighbour disputes as quickly and amicably as possible. They provide straightforward, concise legal advice and strive to ensure the costs incurred are proportionate to the issues at hand.

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What Issues Do Our Land Dispute Solicitors Deal With?

The issues which can arise in connection with land and neighbour disputes are wide and varied. Our land and building dispute solicitors have experience in every aspect of such disputes, including:

• Noisy Neighbours.

Noisy neighbours can cause misery for those close by and may give rise to a claim for private nuisance if the noise is substantial and unreasonable.

• Nuisance Trees And Hedges.

Trees and hedges can create a surprising number of issues, including property damage caused by overhanging branches or encroaching roots, and high hedges blocking light. Those responsible may be liable in nuisance, negligence or under statute.

• Property Maintenance.

Problems can arise when you require access to a neighbour’s land to carry out maintenance work on your property, such as clearing drains and cutting back hedges, or to undertake improvements or alterations. If your neighbour unreasonably refuses access, you may be able to obtain a Court Order permitting entry.

• Party Wall Act Claims.

If you share a boundary with your neighbour and wish to carry out works to your property, you may need to consider the impact of the Party Wall Act. The Act allows you to carry out works provided they do not lead to unreasonable disturbance or inconvenience to an adjoining property or its owner or cause them damage or injury. If such issues do arise, your neighbour may be entitled to compensation. Further, if the provisions of the Act are not complied with prior to work being commenced (which include obtaining your neighbour’s consent), an injunction may be issued to prevent them from continuing.

• Boundary Disputes.

Sometimes, you and your neighbour may have a difference of opinion as to where the boundaries of your respective properties lie. The land in question may only be a few inches wide, but if it encroaches on what is already a small garden or affects your plans for an extension, its impact can far outweigh its size. This, coupled with the fact that boundary disputes often involve complex law and evidence, makes these types of disputes particularly challenging to navigate.

Other issues our team of expert land dispute solicitors regularly deal with include fencing, rights of way, parking, anti-social behaviour, construction, nuisance animals such as barking dogs and breaches of covenant.

How Can A Land Dispute Solicitor Near Me Help?

It is always best to try and settle your dispute amicably by approaching your neighbour directly to talk about the issues, without involving a land dispute solicitor. Sometimes, by listening to each other’s position and discussing the issues calmly, it can be possible to identify a way forward that is agreeable to everyone involved.

There are times, however, when the parties cannot reach an amicable resolution between themselves. Their views may be deeply entrenched and there might be underlying hostility which makes finding a workable compromise without the involvement of third parties unlikely. In these cases, it is important to seek timely legal advice from a land dispute solicitor to ensure your position is properly protected. Our land dispute solicitors regularly act for clients in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and further afield who are facing disputes over land and with neighbours. Their extensive experience enables them to give practical as well as legal advice and they will always look for the quickest, least adversarial and most cost-effective way of settling your dispute. There may be a real-world solution to your issue which does not necessitate the ongoing involvement of solicitors, in which case our team will identify it and help you to implement it where necessary. Where there is no practical solution, our land dispute solicitors will use the least adversarial method of dispute resolution appropriate in the circumstances. This may be entering into negotiations with the other side or their legal representatives, or proven dispute resolution methods such as Mediation. Our land dispute solicitors are mindful of the time and costs inherent in litigation and will only seek recourse from the Court when there is no alternative.

How Much Do Land Dispute Solicitors Near Me Charge?

The costs of a land or neighbour dispute depend entirely on the nature of the issues involved and the time required to resolve them effectively. Our land dispute solicitors understand that the personal nature of such disputes can sometimes cause costs to become disproportionate to the issues involved. They will work hard to focus the parties’ minds with a view to settling the matter as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible. Our billing processes are entirely transparent, and our land dispute solicitors will comprehensively explain them to you from the outset of your matter. They will ensure you are kept fully up to date on costs, and provide ongoing, regular fee estimates and breakdowns.

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