Solicitors For Neighbour Disputes

Solicitors For Neighbour DisputesOur homes are usually our most valuable asset and should be a place to relax and enjoy our leisure time. Sadly, our peace can sometimes be shattered by noisy neighbours, barking dogs or sheer hostility from those living nearby. Neighbour disputes are all too common and can quickly escalate if not addressed early. If an informal, amicable approach fails to resolve matters, it is essential to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible to prevent the relationship from deteriorating further and ensure your position is properly protected. Our solicitors for neighbour disputes have successfully helped a considerable number of clients facing neighbour disputes to settle their issues and take back control of their homelives.

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What Issues Do Solicitors For Neighbour Disputes Deal With?

Neighbour disputes can be caused by a wide range of issues, with some of the most common being:


Noisy neighbours can make your home life a living nightmare. Relentless loud music, late-night parties, shouting and arguing can render ordinary tasks like watching television or working from home impossible. The noise made by inconsiderate neighbours can disrupt sleep, upset young children and ultimately lead to severe issues such as stress and anxiety. Luckily, there are legal remedies available to help. Our solicitors for neighbour disputes will assess the problems you are facing and advise on the most suitable way to address them before acting decisively on your behalf to resolve the problem, allowing you to resume a peaceful, enjoyable home life.

Party Wall Act Disputes

Party walls are erected on land shared by two or more homeowners and usually form part of a building or stand in a garden. Walls separating terraced or semi-detached houses, for example, are party walls. The Party Wall Act operates to permit the owners of properties impacted by party walls to carry out specified works whilst protecting the interests and safety of neighbouring landowners. The Act sets out various steps which must be followed before any such works are undertaken and provides redress for property owners negatively affected by them. It is crucial to take advice from solicitors for neighbour disputes prior to commencing any works which may fall under the remit of the Party Wall Act or seek timely advice if you believe you have been negatively impacted by such works.

Nuisance Trees, Hedges And Other Plants

Issues arising from trees, hedges and other plants are some of the main causes of neighbour disputes. Disagreements can arise over who is responsible for their maintenance, their branches or foliage might block light to your home, or tree roots may cause subsidence or structural damage to your property. The law recognises the damage these apparently innocuous structures can cause and provides redress in certain circumstances. Our solicitors for neighbour disputes have extensive experience in such issues and will provide straightforward, concise advice and resolve the problem as swiftly as possible.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes are a frequent occurrence that often arise when a property owner constructs a partition – a fence or wall, for example – that the owner of a neighbouring property believes encroaches on their land. Boundary disputes tend to be hard-fought, emotive and sometimes lead to spiralling costs disproportionate to the issues involved. Our solicitors for neighbour disputes strive to avoid this by taking a common-sense approach to the issue and acting quickly and purposefully to protect your interests in the most cost-effective manner.

Where Can I Find Solicitors Dealing With Neighbour Disputes Near Me?

Our solicitors for neighbour disputes have extensive experience in assisting property owners facing such issues in and around Great Yarmouth, Norwich and further afield. They understand the need to settle disputes of this nature as quickly and amicably as possible and work tirelessly to do so. They are excellent problem solvers and their extensive experience often enables them to identify a practical solution which may have been overlooked and which avoids a lengthy legal dispute. Praised by clients for their ‘excellent service’, ‘honest and straightforward advice’ and ‘friendly and professional manner’, our solicitors will never confuse you with legal jargon. They will instead ensure you are fully aware of your legal position and guide and support you until the matter is resolved.

How Much Do Solicitors Specialising In Neighbour Disputes Cost?

The costs of a matter depend entirely on the complexity of the issues involved and the time our dedicated team require to remedy them effectively. They always aim to settle neighbour disputes amicably and swiftly, keeping costs proportionate and to a minimum. They will ensure you are kept fully up to date on costs with regular estimates, updates and breakdowns. They will answer any queries regarding the costs of your matter comprehensively and quickly.

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