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Landlord SolicitorLandlord Solicitor

Many people Invest in residential property for letting purposes to increase their personal wealth, and being a landlord can, in the right circumstances, be incredibly lucrative. However, it is not without its challenges, many of which arise from tenant-related issues. If you need a landlord solicitor to assist you in dealing with matters such as non-payment of rent, damage to your property, tenants who refuse to leave at the end of their tenancy or any other type of landlord and tenant dispute, speak to us. We have decades of experience helping landlords resolve issues with their tenants quickly and cost-effectively.

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What Types Of Issues Can A Landlord Solicitor Help With?

The types of issues that can arise between a landlord and their tenant are wide and varied. Common ones include the following:

• Late or non- payment of rent

Late or non-payment of rent is the most common cause of landlord and tenant disputes. Sometimes, tenants withhold rent in an attempt to force their landlord to address concerns they have raised, perhaps relating to the condition of the property. Some tenants, on the other hand, simply do not have the money needed to make their rental payments. Whatever the circumstances, a tenant not paying their rent, or paying rent late, can be a considerable problem for a landlord, particularly when they rely on the rental income to meet their own payment obligations. A regular task undertaken by a landlord solicitor is to assist landlords with recovering the rent and addressing any underlying dispute.

• Property repairs

A plethora of problems can arise in connection with a property. For example, the roof might start to leak, the boiler might break, or an electrical fault might occur. Some issues can be simply inconvenient for a tenant, others can present an immediate danger. Most tenancy agreements place the burden for property repairs on the landlord, but issues regularly arise over issues such as the extent of the landlord’s obligations and whether they have properly fulfilled them. A landlord solicitor will advise you on your position under the agreement and act for you in connection with any dispute over property repairs.

• Property damage

Another common cause of disagreement arises when damage is caused to the property. Most tenancy agreements accept that reasonable wear and tear is to be expected but hold the tenant liable for any breakages or damage over and above that which could be construed as ‘wear and tear’. Clearly, this has the potential to cause arguments over how any damage arose, and who should be responsible for paying for it to be corrected. A landlord solicitor will have vast experience of disputes of this nature and will work with you to ensure a fair outcome.

• Service charges

Service charge disputes are commonplace. Tenants pay service charges to cover the costs incurred by their landlord in maintaining the building that houses the tenant’s property. Service charges usually cover expenditure related to matters such as heating, lighting, garden maintenance and security systems. The mechanics of the service charge are set out in the tenant agreement, signed by both parties. However, tenants are sometimes taken by surprise when the charges are raised, complain that they are too high or unjustified and refuse to pay them. This can leave a landlord considerably out of pocket and in need of a landlord solicitor to recover the sums.

What Does A Landlord Solicitor Do?

The primary aim of a landlord solicitor is to resolve a dispute between a landlord and tenant as swiftly and cost-efficiently as possible. The most appropriate course of action in any given situation will depend on the relationship between the parties and your goals. If you have a longstanding, beneficial relationship with the tenant, our landlord solicitors will seek a solution that resolves the dispute in your favour whilst maintaining your relationship with the tenant. If the tenant is problematic, you might want to end the tenancy and our landlord solicitors will advise on the possibility of taking such action, and the required procedure.

Many of our clients are relieved to learn that facing a dispute with a tenant does not necessarily mean they will end up in Court. There are many ways to resolve matters, that do not involve litigation. Our landlord solicitors are expert negotiators and problem solvers, and can often identify workable, practical solutions that are agreeable to both parties. Alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, offer excellent alternatives to Court proceedings and are usually far quicker and cheaper. If litigation is unavoidable, our landlord solicitors will guide you through the procedures, ensuring you are kept fully up to date at all times. They will continue settlement discussions behind the scenes, striving to achieve a favourable resolution before your case reaches trial.

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